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Have you noticed it can be difficult for your child to practice effective brushing and flossing? Are there places your child commonly overlooks while cleaning their teeth? We know it can be difficult for children to understand how to properly brush and floss. It takes time and practice to develop the necessary skills for cleaning out all the cracks and crevices where food particles and plaque hide. This is why you may want to have your child undergo a preventative treatment known as dental sealants. A dental sealant will offer needed protection to your child’s teeth during this time of their life.

The application of a dental sealant is a simple process. The dental sealant is a plastic resin that is applied to the rear teeth. This is effective in preventing tooth decay on the biting surface area of the molars. The acrylic resin, which is tooth-colored, seals in the crevices of the molars to offer needed protection from tooth decay.

This ensures the cracks and crevices that are overlooked while brushing are protected from lost food particles and plaque.

Dr. Cameron Clark can apply a dental sealant to your child’s teeth in just a few minutes. Afterward, your child will have durable protection for years to come before a reapplication is needed.

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