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Strong tooth enamel is essential for preventing tooth decay and possible problems with tooth sensitivity. Individuals who frequently consume acidic beverages or who sometimes forget to brush and floss consistently often have problems related to oral acidity.

As time goes on the constant acidic environment in your mouth can cause the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel to expand. As the demineralization effect continues to develop you could be at increased risk of suffering from tooth decay and tooth sensitivity discomfort.

If your dental checkup at Northwest Center for Dentistry reveals a problem like this, our dentist might advocate a treatment strategy designed to increase the fluoride exposure of your teeth. Established research has shown that fluoride can gradually rejuvenate the mineral density of tooth enamel.

The first step in the process often involves Dr. Cameron Clark administering a fluoride treatment to. If he has further concerns about the strength of your teeth, our dentist might also prescribe fluoride supplements.

There are several different types available. Many patients prefer concentrated fluoride toothpaste or specially formulated fluoride mouth rinse. They should be applied to your teeth right before going to bed or at a time when you can abstain from eating and drinking.

If you live in the Kalispell, Montana, area and you have concerns about the strength of your tooth enamel, you should call (406) 752-4530 to explore the fluoride options available at Northwest Center for Dentistry.