Tips for Brushing Your Teeth

You know that brushing your teeth is incredibly important for your oral health, but you may still have questions about the correct way to brush your teeth and how to choose the right tools. That is where our dentist and team can help. How Do I Brush My Teeth Properly? You may be surprised to… Read more »

Material Options for Dental Crowns

Dental professionals commonly use dental crowns to restore tooth enamel that is damaged or decayed. Our dentist can recommend dental crown material based on the location and primary function of the tooth in your smile. When it comes to restoring your smile, Dr. Cameron Clark may determine that a porcelain crown is the best option…. Read more »

Diabetes and Your Dental Health

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, your primary care physician should consult with your dentist. Diabetes and oral health are closely connected, and your dentist will be one of your primary allies in dealing with your diabetes. Diabetes can contribute to dry mouth, which can contribute to gum disease. In fact, people with diabetes… Read more »

How Do I Take Care of Red, Irritated Gums?

Healthy gums are pink and firm to the touch. Unfortunately, anyone can have gum issues from time to time. You’ve probably seen your gums become red and puffy (or even bleed) when you brush or floss your teeth too vigorously. If your gums are healthy, they will recover quickly from mild trauma. However, if swollen,… Read more »

Preventing Gum Disease

Do you have gum disease? Before you answer “no”, remember that in the early stages, gum disease can be painless. But, if you notice that your gums have become swollen, red or tender, of if they bleed when you brush or floss you should contact your dentist. Other indicators may be bad breath, loose teeth,… Read more »

Coping WIth Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Your teeth are tough, and with proper brushing and flossing, along with regular trips to the dentist for regular cleanings and exams, they can last a lifetime. But sometimes, your teeth can become damaged. If you receive a blow to the face or mouth which is followed by tooth pain, you know that a trip… Read more »

What You Need to Know About Oral Cancer

The growth of cells in an uncontrollable manner that invade and cause damage to the neighboring tissues is called cancer. There are many types of cancer, manifesting in many different areas of the body. Oral cancer, which includes cancers of the tongue, lips, floor of the mouth, cheeks, and hard palate, can be life threatening… Read more »

Aging Secrets for a Healthy Smile

As the years march on, our bodies become older and our bones become weaker. Fortunately, there are countless exercises and treatments you can use to keep your body in great shape. Though you may have been able to keep your teeth clean with some bad habits or lackadaisical approaches in the past, effective treatments become… Read more »

The Trigger for Your Toothache

If you have a toothache, then you know how painful it can become. Here at Northwest Center for Dentistry in Kalispell, Montana, our caring dental team takes your oral health seriously, which is why we want to help you with your toothache troubles. To help you, here is some information on common causes of toothaches… Read more »

Fluoride Supplements Can Help Maintain Strong Tooth Enamel

Strong tooth enamel is essential for preventing tooth decay and possible problems with tooth sensitivity. Individuals who frequently consume acidic beverages or who sometimes forget to brush and floss consistently often have problems related to oral acidity. As time goes on the constant acidic environment in your mouth can cause the microscopic pores in your… Read more »