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Would you like to give yourself a smile makeover without having to remove any of your teeth and replace them with reliable prosthetics? If so, it may be possible to save a tooth by applying a dental crown.

A dental crown restoration consists of applying a material on all sides of a tooth down to the gum line for a complete capped layer of protection. Dental crowns have a tooth-colored appearance and can be customized, shaped, colored and crafted as needed to ensure your smile will be aesthetically beautiful and well protected.

Through the use of a dental crown, it can provide protection for a tooth and potentially save a tooth from death. In many cases, dental crowns are used to provide an additional layer of support for all manner of oral health needs. They can even be used to help cover a previous restoration such as implants and bridges and can be used to protect the teeth of children who are at a high risk for tooth decay.

If you have any issues or regularities with any teeth that you wish to conceal, a dental crown is a highly effective option to consider. Dental crowns can even be used in situations where have suffered significant damage and it looks like no other treatment options can possibly be used. However, a dental crown can be used to bind together bits of broken teeth and even hold together fillings and teeth if needed.

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