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Let’s be honest. Not too many of us enjoy going to the dentist. Plus it can be difficult for some people to schedule regular appointments in such a busy world. However, it’s important that you make time for your semiannual dental appointments. These visitations are not only important for cleaning your teeth, but also for evaluating your overall health.

Your dentist, Dr. Cameron Clark is trained to spot problems before they develop. During an oral health evaluation, he not only looks at your mouth, but also takes time to inspect your head, face, neck, and throat for any complications. Health issues such as gum disease will show no symptoms at first, making bi-yearly appointments so important for early detection.

Once finished with your health screening, Dr. Cameron Clark will begin to clean your teeth and gums using special equipment to clear away any plaque or tartar. After Dr. Cameron Clark has finished cleaning, he will give you advice if any changes should be made to your oral care routine, as well as notifying you of any problem areas that would require further treatment.

Many people who often neglect their oral health report that regular dental visits encourage them to practice better brushing and flossing routines. This is why going to the dentist twice yearly is so important, otherwise, these people would be at a greater risk of tooth decay.

If you haven’t scheduled your annual appointment, now is a great time to do so! Schedule your dental checkup in Kalispell, Montana, with Dr. Cameron Clark by calling Northwest Center for Dentistry at (406) 752-4530 today.