Your dentist is one of the first people who will notice if something isn’t right with your oral health with a comprehensive dental checkup in Kalispell.

If this is your case a biopsy is taken that Northwest Center for Dentistry will send to a lab for further investigation. This is just one example of how a dentist can detect problems with oral health.

Comprehensive Dental Checkups in Kalispell

While regular dental checkups detect abnormalities a comprehensive dental checkup with Dr. Cameron Clark takes things one step further.

For instance, the team from Northwest Center for Dentistry examines your throat, neck, and entire chewing system along with your teeth and gums.

Your Comprehensive Dental Checkup

During your Kalispell comprehensive dental checkup Dr. Clark and the team will also take digital pictures and x-rays.

Some of the issues that may be spotted during your Kalispell comprehensive dental checkup include white or red patches, scaly spots and of course, lumps, bumps and lesions. While you may not notice any of the above symptoms yourself, your dentist will.

Dr. Clark will also talk about your medical history, your expectations, concerns and goals along with any current medications. Current medications include over the counter, prescription and natural meds.

All of this is talked about because any pre-existing conditions that you may be dealing with will have an effect on oral health.

Northwest Center for Dentistry will also complete an oral exam and professional cleaning along with dental restoration examinations. If you follow this dental blog you will recall that repaired teeth can still harbor tooth decay.

Better Chance of Survival

Did you know that 90 percent of all diseases have some sort of oral symptom? That’s right, again, your dentist is one of the first if not the first doctor to identify and diagnose oral cancer.

When oral cancer is detected in its earliest stages the survival rate is much higher. That means regular comprehensive dental checkups keep your overall and oral health in check.

Your primary care physician understands the importance of screening for disease as does your Kalispell dentist.

Comprehensive Dental Checkup in Kalispell

If you haven’t had a comprehensive dental checkup lately call and schedule an appointment.

Northwest Center for Dentistry will examine your teeth and gums and your entire oral cavity to determine the health of your teeth and gums and the rest of your body.

Schedule a comprehensive dental checkup in Kalispell today.


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