Oral Cancer Screening

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An oral cancer screening could save your life. In fact, dentists are usually the first doctors to know if you are dealing with a suspicious mole, lesion or patch. Oral cancer screenings in Kalispell help identify cancerous spots that you might not see when you brush and floss.
When oral cancer screenings are conducted on a regular basis they help prevent oral cancer. People who have tongue, throat, esophageal, cheek and all types of oral cancer have a higher rate of survival with bi annual oral cancer screenings. Early detection really is the key.

Twice a Year or More to Be Safe

Your oral cancer dentist in Kalispell recommends additional oral cancer screenings if you have had oral cancers in the past, or if you have a family history of these types of cancers.

Your Visual Exam

During your visual exam your throat, neck, lymph nodes, neck and face will be examined to check for masses or nodules. Touching and exploring is essential when it comes to finding abnormalities in your mouth, throat and neck.
Oral cancer symptoms are occasionally painful, but are usually painless in the early stages of the disease. This is just another reason to see your Kalispell dentist for regular oral cancer screenings in Kalispell.
During your oral cancer screening Northwest Center for Dentistry may use an oral brush for biopsies or an oral assessment tool. Both are used to identify oral tissue that looks suspicious.

Oral Cancer Screening in Kalispell

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