Unrestricted provider

Unrestricted provider

Dental Insurance is Difficult

Dental insurance is complicated and confusing. It can be hard to figure out how much of what procedures are covered, if you have a waiting period, what dental providers you can see, and even how many benefits you are allotted per year. Claims seem to get denied or lost, and even when they aren’t, you will find that your reimbursement is often lower than you think it should be. To make the matter worse, dental insurance doesn’t work like other insurances. Unlike car or medical insurance, dental insurance is not intended to protect you from large expenses and will typically only cover routine procedures like cleanings and exams, while paying only a portion of the larger treatment items forcing you out of pocket expenses.

Preferred Provider VS Unrestricted Provider

A preferred network provider is a dental office that has signed a contract with a particular insurance company, accepting their lower fees in order to have patients referred to them. Unfortunately, in order to keep the doors open for the lower fees, a preferred provider needs to see as many patients as possible in order to make up for the difference. This often results in rushed, inferior care, where the patient feels forgotten or unheard. Financial corners can be cut as well with cheap materials, shorter appointments, and nickel and diming their patients with small fees. Northwest Center for Dentistry is an unrestricted Dental Provider that focuses on high quality care. We will submit your claim to your insurance on your behalf, and your reimbursement being sent directly to you. While the traditional Preferred Dental Provider model is limiting and often keeps the dentist from doing what is best for the patient, with the non-restricted model, the dentist can take the time they need and use quality materials, knowing that the patient has the liberty to make the best decision for themselves

Our Practice

At Northwest Center for Dentistry, our goal is to put the needs of the patient first. Our team and schedules are tailored to making sure you have a comfortable and stress-free dental appointment so you can focus on the more important things in life. If you have any questions regarding insurance, feel free to call us at 406-752-4530.