Dental Hygiene (Home Care)

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Your oral hygiene routine is imperative when it comes to healthy teeth and gums. By practicing good oral hygiene you are helping prevent cavities and gingivitis. 

Maintaining good oral hygiene on a regular basis, makes a huge difference when it comes to oral health. Your hygienist from Northwest Center for Dentistry explains that good oral hygiene starts with brushing, flossing and regular dental visits. 

Good oral hygiene at home means keeping your mouth free from bacteria and other factors that contribute to dental decay and disease. 

Your dentist is happy to provide you with information and instruction on oral hygiene. 

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Your dentist in Kalispell works wonders on your smile and oral health. However, it is also very helpful to work alongside the team from Northwest Center for Dentistry.

While getting your teeth cleaned professionally is important in maintaining a healthy mouth, proper homecare is even more crucial. 

By practicing good oral hygiene habits, brushing twice and flossing once a day along with regular dental check ups and a good diet, you are being proactive when it comes to oral health. 

Our dentist recommends

Our dentist recommends that you follow these basic steps to help your smile stay in optimal health:

During your dental visit, the team from your Kalispell dental office will have a chat about your oral hygiene habits. On occasion, tips are suggested to help you improve your home dental care. 

Brushing up on your skills is important and can also help the rest of your family when it comes to oral hygiene. 

For more information regarding dental hygiene, call, book online or send a direct message to Northwest Center for Dentistry today.

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Do you have soft teeth? Did you inherit bad teeth from your parents? Did your baby leech all of the calcium out of your teeth? These are common misconceptions that people are often told are the cause of their high cavity risk. The actual culprit behind a high cavity risk however is an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Cavities are contagious! Just like any other bacteria related disease, cavities are spread from person to person. Most people are exposed to these bacteria at a very young age by a family member, which is why people believe that they “inherited” their bad teeth from a parent.

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