If you have just lost a tooth or are about to have one extracted, skip the dental bridge and opt for a dental implant instead.

Your dentist in Kalispell has the experience to place dental implants that are just as strong as the tooth that you lost. In fact, your new replacement tooth is probably stronger.

Dental Bridges

Used to bridge the gap, a dental bridge requires some removal of the abutment or adjacent teeth. This means that the procedure is permanent.

There are three types of dental bridges, traditional fixed bridges, Maryland bonded bridges and cantilever dental bridges. All three of these dental bridges do the job, but are not as sturdy as dental implants.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are natural looking appliances that replace one or more lost teeth. Made from acrylic or metal and acrylic, they bring your mouth back to function, however, just like dental bridges, there will be bone loss.

Tooth roots exercise the bone making it strong. Once that tooth is lost it dissolves into the body. That is why people with dentures don’t have the jaw support that they once did.

Dental bridges and partial dentures are excellent replacements for missing teeth. However, you will suffer jaw bone loss as your new dental bridge will not fuse to the bone like a dental implant will. This process is called osseintegration.

Osseointegration is a natural phenomenon that happens when your dentist surgically places a post or screw in or on your jawbone.

Bone fusing takes about 9 to 12 months; however, in some cases patients have healed in as little as six months or in as many as 18 months.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Dental implants act like natural teeth and are superior tooth replacements. Although dental implants will cost you more upfront, they are well worth it in the long run as dental bridges and partial dentures will need to be replaced over the years.

Dental implants on the other hand could last the rest of your life as long as you practice good oral hygiene including regular dental checkups with Northwest Center for Dentistry.

What are Dental Implants?

Implant specialist Dr. Cameron Clark explains that dental implants are posts or screws made from titanium. However, in some cases, human grade dental plastic is used if the patient has a metal allergy.

After healing your dentist in Kalispell places artificial teeth on the top of the posts for a brand new smile. These new teeth shine and reflect light just like natural teeth do.

Kalispell Dental Implants

If you would like to find out if you are a good candidate, call or send a direct message and schedule a dental implant consultation with Northwest Center for Dentistry today.