If you are need of an emergency dentist, and let’s face it, mouth injuries happen, call Northwest Center for Dentistry.

Dr. Cameron Clark and his team are always available to help you whether you knocked out a tooth on the playing field or lost a crown while eating your favorite peanut brittle from the county fair.

Emergency Dentist in Kalispell

Whatever the emergency, you are in the best hands when you visit this emergency dentist in Kalispell.

Of course there are some things that you can do before you get to the dental practice in Kalispell. By following these tips you can hopefully save your tooth or dental crown.

Knocked Out Tooth

One of the most common injuries is knocked out teeth. Recreational and pro athletes have lost teeth numerous times because of balls and racquets. However, you can save the tooth if you can locate it and get to the dentist in time.

If you do find your knocked out tooth pick it up by the crown as you do now want to disturb the roots which are covered in tissues and nerves.

If the tooth is dirty do not scrub but rinse before placing back in the socket. If you aren’t able to put it back into the socket place in a bowl of milk or hold the tooth next to your cheek always remembering to keep it moist.

According to your dentist in Kalispell you have 30 minutes to get to the dentist. If you wait any longer you are at risk of losing the tooth completely.

Lost Restorations and Your Emergency Dentist

Again finding the restoration and taking it with you to Northwest Center for Dentistry is the most important part of saving your crown or filling. If you have lost the top part of your dental implant be sure to do your best to save it as your Kalispell implant dentist will be able to reattach it if there is no damage.

Never Ignore Toothaches

A toothache should always be considered an emergency. Even a mild toothache can mean something more sinister is happening behind the scenes. Make sure that you let Dr. Clark and his dental hygienist know if you have a constant or even a sometimes throbbing pain in a particular tooth. If you have bleeding gums be sure to mention it to your Kalispell family dentist as well.

Kalispell Emergency Dentist

If you have any of the above issues see your emergency dentist in Kalispell immediately to prevent things from getting worse. The sooner you get to the dentist the better.

Call now if you need an emergency dentist or just want to make an appointment as you are ALWAYS better safe than sorry.



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