National Facial Protection Month is an annual event that takes place in April. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about the importance of protecting your face and teeth during physical activities, such as sports and exercise.

National Facial Protection Month

Many dental professionals across the United States participate in National Facial Protection Month by educating their patients about the benefits of wearing custom-made mouth guards.

One such dentist who is passionate about promoting facial protection is Dr. Cameron Clark from the Northwest Center for Dentistry in Kalispell.

Custom Made Mouthguards Kalispell

Dr. Clark believes that wearing a custom-made mouth guard can help prevent serious injuries to the teeth, lips, and tongue, as well as reduce the risk of concussion during sports and other physical activities.

A custom-made mouth guard is designed to fit the unique shape of a patient’s mouth. This ensures that the mouth guard provides maximum protection and is comfortable to wear.

Dr. Clark recommends that anyone who participates in contact sports, such as football, hockey water polo and even surfing and skateboarding, should wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth and prevent serious injuries.

Less Head Injuries with Head and Mouth Protection

In addition to protecting the teeth and mouth, mouth guards can also help prevent concussions.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury occurs when the head is hit or shaken violently. By wearing a mouth guard, athletes can reduce the force of impact to the head, which can help prevent concussions.

Dr. Clark encourages parents to make sure their children wear mouth guards when playing sports. Children are more vulnerable to dental injuries because their teeth are still developing and are not as strong as adult teeth.

A custom-made mouth guard can protect a child’s teeth and prevent them from experiencing pain and discomfort.

National Facial Protection Month is an important reminder that protecting your face and teeth is crucial during physical activities.

Dr. Cameron Clark and the Northwest Center for Dentistry in Kalispell are committed to promoting facial protection and helping patients prevent serious dental injuries.

Custom Made Mouth Guard Kalispell Dentist

If you or your child participate in any type of sports, even an afternoon softball game on a Sunday afternoon, consider scheduling an appointment with Dr. Clark. Discussing the benefits could save you and a family member a trip to the ER.

With the right protection, you can enjoy sports and exercise while keeping your teeth and mouth safe from harm. Celebrate National Facial Protection Month and schedule your appointment today.


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