The Awesomeness of CEREC® Crowns

CEREC® is a one day procedure that will change your life. With chairside economical restoration esthetic of ceramics you can have a brand new dental crown with just one dental visit.

That’s right. This treatment from Northwest Center for Dentistry is a restorative product that transforms your smile from ordinary to extraordinary.

CEREC® is Incredible

According to Dr. Cameron Clark one of the reasons that it is so awesome is that it shines like a natural tooth. Unlike conventional metal and metal to porcelain crowns CEREC® looks and feels just like your own tooth.

In addition this type of dental crown is just as strong as other types of dental crowns. This will give you years of use as long as you practice good oral hygiene.

What is CEREC®?

As previously mentioned CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and has been around for decades. The first of its kind it offers convenience to the dental practice in Kalispell and you and your family.

CEREC® is made from digital images sent to the special software. The software designs the dental crown customized to fit your tooth. Once Dr. Clark has checked the results the information goes to the milling machine.

The milling machine is located at the Northwest Center for Dentistry dental practice. That means you won’t have to wait forever for your new dental crown.

When the milling machine has completed the crown, which takes about thirty minutes, you can relax, watch TV or get caught up on email or social media.

Less Time with CEREC®

Because these restorations only require one dental appointment in Kalispell you won’t have to return to the dentist’s office multiple times.

Conventional porcelain and metal to porcelain crowns require impressions and temporaries. This is because the only thing that is done in house is the impressions, the examination and the pictures.

CEREC® eliminates all of that giving you more time and more money in your pocket. It  is also excellent if you are avoiding metal dental restorations.

Metal to porcelain restorations may look beautiful to begin with but over time that metal line will be more prominent showing everyone your dental work. CEREC® has no metal line making it always invisible.

This one day procedure is an excellent restorative solution that is perfect for nearly everyone including you.

To find out if you and CEREC® are a good match, send a direct message and schedule a dental consultation with Northwest Center for Dentistry today.




Same Day Dentistry for Awesome Results

Same day dentistry is remarkable and saves you time and money. With CEREC® same day dentistry you can enjoy a new dental crown in one dental visit.

Northwest Center for Dentistry is your one stop shop for CEREC® and all things cosmetic. When you become a patient of this dental practice in Kalispell there is no end to what you can do to give you the smile that you have always wanted.

Same Day Dentistry Kalispell

Same day dentistry usually applies to dental bonding and chairside tooth whitening but since the advent of modern technology things have changed.

Now patients can have a new dental crown with Dr. Cameron Clark in one dental appointment. That can’t happen with conventional dental crowns.

Conventional dental crowns require more steps. That means more time in the dentist’s chair. This is one of the reasons people forego this type of treatment because they just don’t have time for two or sometimes more dental visits.

Conventional Dental Crowns in Kalispell

With conventional crowns you will need dental impressions, x-rays and about two weeks to wait for your restoration. Everything with CEREC® is digital so you won’t have to deal with molds or temporary dental crowns.

Now patients can walk in with a large cavity and walk out with a filling and a same day dental crown that looks and feels like a natural tooth. In fact, your CEREC® dentist matches the color of your tooth to the ceramic giving you lifelike results in one dental visit.

CEREC® Same Day Dentistry is Phenomenal

CEREC®, which means chairside economical restoration of esthetic ceramic, is a cosmetic dentistry solution that is used for crowns, dental implants and much more.

Patients love the convenience of this restoration. They also love the fact that it looks more natural than traditional crowns.

Metal to porcelain crowns and all metal crowns are anything but invisible. If you have a crown that contains metal you know how noticeable it is.

With CEREC® no one, except you and Dr. Clark, will know that you have a new dental crown.

Dr. Clark uses CEREC® dental crowns whenever a traditional crown is required. Because the biocompatible dental resin looks so lifelike, this Kalispell cosmetic dentist recommends it to patients who don’t have time to wait for a conventional crown.

CEREC® Same Day Dentistry

Northwest Center for Dentistry is a preferred same day dentistry provider with everything you need in one place. Schedule a consultation online and find out more about CEREC® today.


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