Professional Teeth Whitening Matters

If you are tired of your lack luster smile schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Having a professional opinion is what matters when it comes to all types of treatments, even something as simple as teeth whitening.

While teeth whitening may seem completely safe there are some issues, especially when it comes to the prescription DIY versions that you can purchase online.

Professional Teeth Whitening Matters

Your Kalispell cosmetic dentist explains that those over the counter whitening pastes, gels, strips and rinses aren’t as strong as what is on offer from Northwest Dental Specialties.

Because the non-prescription teet whitening agent isn’t as strong people have a tendency to apply too much product too often.

At best this will cause sensitivity. At worst, too much product, especially if it is a prescription whiter sold online, could cause permanent damage.

DIY No Longer Necessary

Because dentists are now back to practicing in office there is no need to resort to professional products that are not monitored by a cosmetic dentist.

Northwest Center for Dentistry always advises professional care even for tooth whitening as the process is monitored.

This is extremely important. Firstly, monitoring helps avoid issues, Secondly when Dr. Cameron Clark monitors the process you can be assured it will look beautiful and natural.

There is nothing worse than seeing someone who has obviously been using too much tooth whitener. Moreover that same person is most likely suffering from sensitivity to hot and cold.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Kalispell

Dr. Cameron Clark and his team offer a safe and effective tooth whitening experience whether you are in search of a subtle change or have something more dramatic in mind. Whatever the condition of your smile, teeth whitening will take it to the next level.

Using the most effective professional teeth whitening products, you can choose to have your teeth lightened during a same day visit, or ask Dr. Cameron Clark to make custom made trays for a gradual experience.

Kör Professional Teeth Whitening Solution

Kör is an amazing product that can lighten your teeth up to 8 shades lighter. Moreover, Kör can also take care of some interior or intrinsic stains. Other bleaching products can’t do that.

Whether you choose chairside or take home whitening trays Kör is the safe and effective way to lighten your teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry and More

If you would a brighter smile schedule an appointment. Dr. Clark is ready to help you get there with professional teeth whitening.

Schedule a visit today.