Women’s oral health, just like men’s is important, but it is also different. From anatomy to teeth and gums, they are dissimilar.

While men do have hormonal changes throughout life they don’t go through pregnancy and menopause.

Women’s Oral Health and Puberty

When girls go through puberty, estrogen and progesterone are released throughout the body increasing hormones.

Northwest Center for Dentistry explains that this causes your blood vessels to dilate resulting in inflamed, red and bleeding gums. When girls go through puberty, mouth sores may also be an issue.

Oral Contraceptives

Containing both estrogen and progesterone, women who have been on the pill for some time may have problems with gum disease. Dry socket is also an issue for women who take oral contraceptives.

Pregnancy and Women’s Oral Health

Maintaining optimum women’s oral health throughout life is vital, but is especially important for women who are pregnant. Pregnant women have inflamed and red gums caused by an over- abundance of hormones.

Too many hormones mean gum disease. If you are expecting schedule more frequent dental appointments to prevent gingivitis and the more serious periodontal disease.

Women’s Oral Health and Menopause

Women who are menopausal often suffer from dry mouth and sore and inflamed gums. Menopausal women also complain of something called, “Burning Mouth Syndrome.”

The syndrome causes a burning sensation that can go from your throat and palate to your lips, cheeks and gums. Women at this stage of life also have less flow of saliva along with an increase in cold sores and mouth ulcers.

Being Aware of Women’s Oral Health

Women are rewarded when they pay close attention to oral health. Paying close attention means brushing and flossing, and regular dental checkups and professional dental cleanings. In addition, paying attention means watching what you eat.

Eat a diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and calcium and your teeth and gums will love you for it. Enjoy plenty of veggies and munch on snacks such as carrots and celery, which is nature’s dental floss.

Women’s Oral Health in Kalispell

Regardless of age women’s oral health is imperative for overall health. Even the slightest difference in how the mouth feels is reason to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cameron Clark from Northwest Center for Dentistry.

Regular dental appointments can also detect any problems such as oral cancer during a comprehensive dental exam.

Northwest Center for Dentistry

If you would like to learn more about women’s oral health or would like to schedule an appointment, call or send a direct message to Northwest Center for Dentistry today.

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